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Providing reliable digital transcription services
from a distance when you need it most
Distance is no Barrier
Who might require my services?

While I am based in Auckland that does not restrict where my work comes from.  With the use of Dropbox I can receive your audio file from wherever you are.  I am happy to work with alternative file transfer methods, if you have a particular preference. I will provide you with a fast and reliable typing  service to help you get your audio recordings into text form for your ongoing purposes.

Please go to the 'About Me/References' tab to see references and testimonials.

I have transcribed audios for a multitude of purposes, including researchers, lecturers, students, investigators, lawyers, property managers and media outlets. 

Whether you require your audio as text for analysing, for a blog, a book, or just to get your important thoughts down on paper, I can help you do that.  Transcription is great for both business and personal reasons.

*** STANDARD TRANSCRIPT:  This is a transcript requiring intelligent verbatim, from a good quality audio recording of 1-3 speaking participants - well structured with very little over-talking, conducted in a suitable environment (i.e. not noisy cafes)

FOCUS GROUPS:  These are considered any meeting with 4+ speakers.  In busy periods, these may not prioritized if there are higher numbers of speakers in a larger meeting setting, due to inevitable over-talking and placement of the recording devices not picking up all speakers.


$2.50 per audio minute for a standard transcript***.


By charging per audio minute rather than by the typing hour, this enables you to know ahead of time how much the file will cost to have transcribed.


If you require strict verbatim, and/or the quality of the recording is causing problems, the rate will increase.  This will always be discussed before moving forward.

Intelligent Verbatim: 

Not requiring all utterances - ah, um, er, false starts, laughter/crying noted etc.

Strict Verbatim:         

Requiring all utterances - ah, um, er, false starts, laughter/crying noted  etc.

How transcription works.

Transcription is quite simply getting your audio files into text document form.  You send me your audio file via Dropbox, and I type the content up, proof-read, grammar and spell-check it, and return as an attachment via email or Dropbox.  The clearer your audio, the faster the return.  You can supply me with a template or I can use my standard format.

Audio file formats I work with .wav, .mp3, .dss,and .wma

Many transcription services charge an hourly rate, based on actual typing time, rather than a rate per audio minute.  This leaves you wondering what the final cost will be.  The nature of transcription is that it takes a typist between three and five times the length of the audio to transcribe, sometimes longer depending on many factors.  I charge per audio minute, which means you know ahead of time how much the job will cost. For example, a 20 minute standard audio will cost $50 to have transcribed.  A one hour audio would cost $150 to have transcribed. 

These rates are based on clear audio recordings.  Factors that may incur a surcharge: if a recording has a lot of background noise, participants that frequently over-talk each other, participants have particularly heavy accents, and/or poor audio quality. I will always check the audio before starting the job and liaise with you if it's not going to be a straight-forward job.  In very rare cases, an audio may be deemed simply not viable for a quality transcript, in which case I reserve the right to not transcribe that single file.

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